I started experimenting with creative photography only a few years back, but it felt like I suddenly had recovered a huge missing part of my life. Not that I really knew anything was missing in the first place, but still – I feel so fortunate to have this passion in my life now.

I forget time and place when I am conceptualizing, photographing and editing. Its like I get lost in my own inner world, only to resurface newly energized with a wonderful feeling of purpose after its all done.

Creating conceptual images is for me a way to express myself.

It is very much a personal endeavor, but I am also very inspired by the thought that someone else might find meaning, inspiration or simply be moved in some way by my work.

My images are all concept-based and spring from a specific idea or feeling. However I want the viewer to relate in their own reference. Making it open to be interpreted by whoever is looking. Mirroring everything else in life really; we can all be looking at the same thing, but our experiences are as different as the number of people watching.

More info: lindakristiansen.no


Time for change


Rise again

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