My name is Ashly Lovett and I’m a freelance illustrator working with chalk pastels on paper. Chalk pastels is not a popular media, but it’s one I’ve always naturally been good with. I work really well with dry media and I’d say watercolor was my mortal enemy. I’m far too impatient. I need something that is very forgiving.

For the past year I’ve been drawing a lot of mermaids. I honestly love drawing organic flowy pieces and underwater mermaids seem like the perfect match for all my loves. Here are some of my favorites.

I’ve even recently started illustrating a Little Mermaid book. You can learn all about it with the link below.

More info:


Illustration 1 for my Little Mermaid book. I’ll be working on this personal project all year and will have it completed by June 2019.

Little Friends

Mermaid visiting with her fishy friends.


Seeking something along the shore.


I did this piece for a chalk pastel tutorial that will be featured in Graphite Magazine July 2018 issue.

This was also an opportunity to study underwater hair and how it moves. So much fun to do.