Most street art I encounter is left in the dark at night.

These artworks deserve better, so I assembled a mobile projection setup to light them up.

By using the projection mapping technique I’m able to add dynamic light and depth to these artworks. My main goal is to highlight them and give them an extra dimension.

These murals are masterpieces by themselves, so I try to keep my animations subtle. I don’t add any figurative elements or spectaculair effects so the main focus stays with the original artwork.

ROA mural in Ghent, Belgium

Sebas Velasco mural in Ostend, Belgium

STROOK mural in Bruges, Belgium

Milu Correch mural in Mechelen, Belgium

My mobile projection setup: Envancorven Cargo Bike, 3000Wh Goal Zero battery, PC with Resolume and a 5000 ansi lumen Epson projector

Smates mural in Mechelen, Belgium