My friends used to tell me that I looked like Harry Potter. So for a long time I dreamt of becoming the magician of hitchhiking, having my right thumb as my magic wand.

In 2013 I left home with 80 dollars and so far I’ve traveled to 80 countries exclusively by hitchhiking means. In 3 years I hitchhiked more than 200 000 km in more than 3 000 cars, driven by joy. Beside a free ride, many people offered me a place to sleep, a meal, or some money to continue my journey.

People discovered my blog, appreciated my story and started to send small donations. That’s how I afforded a plane ticket to South America to continue hitchhiking there.

My photos are not of best quality because I couldn’t afford a camera or a smartphone, most of the time I didn’t have money for a Coke. So I asked people on the road to take photos of me and send them afterwards via email. Even if they are not professional images, I hope they capture happiness, youth and the love of living without useless expectations.

I had a lot of crazy adventures. In Afghanistan I met a taliban, in Mongolia I got lost in the desert and almost died, in Siberia I met 2 bears along the way. But, as you can see below, I had the time of my life.

I wrote a book about my travels and my dream is that one day I’ll have it translated to English and published. You can bet it’s gonna be the craziest travel journal you’ll ever read!

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Peru, Machu Pichu


Denmark, Copenhaga, love story

Kazakhstan, Sharyn Canyon

In Northern Norway a viking ship gave me a 5 days lift

Sahara, the largest desert in the world

Russia, Siberia (near of Ust Nera). The Russian Army truck took me hitchhiking


Russia, Sankt Petersburg, the beautiful russian girls

Irak, Erbil. Police took me hitchhiking


In Mongolia, after getting lost in the desert

In Mongolia finally reaching Ulaanbaatar, with the portret of Chinggis Khaan

In Argentina, near Ushuaia I got a short ride with an helicopter

Ushuaia, the end of the world


Afghanistan, I met a taliban hidden in a forrest

Afghanistan, they covered my head to look like one of them in a dangerous area

Experiencing wild Amazonia

Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat

Ecuador, The Monument to the Equator


The Famous Pisa Tower from Italy