It all began when I fell head over heals for that cute little pusheen cat we all see on Facebook and everywhere else. I loved it so much that I wanted to make a cute character of my own, so I invented Pondoo Panda.

Pondoo is a cute little plump panda that likes to explore all the different sides to himself. There is not a whole lot to say about this ball of cuteness other than he is a panda – and what is not to love about pandas?!

Pondoo Too Cool

Princess Pondoo Leia

Pondoo Plays In Snow

Pondoo Eats Sushi

Pondoo Blows Bubbles

Pastel Pondoo

Pondoo Sleepy

Pondoo Just A Bit Taller

Pondoo’s Birthday

Pondoo Loves You