STOP! is my first series of illustrations on animals. The inspiration and concept for the series came from the current state of animals having to suffer and be tortured by human beings in various ways and in many circumstances, along with the reality of many species hurtling towards extinction. My hope is that when people see these images, they will STOP!, ponder and be encouraged to show empathy and compassion towards animals.

9 Banded Armadillo


Dama Gazelle

Great Indian Bustards

Purple Gallinule


4 Horned-Antelope

Chinstrap Penguin

Black Legged Drat Frog

Atlantic Lionfish

Blue Poison Dart Frog

Great Indian Bustard – 2

Araripe Manakin

Keel Toucan

Philippine Eagle

Sickle Billed Vanga

Jesus Lizard

White Zebra Danio