There were only heterosexual marriages in the country I was born and raised. This October I spent a month in New York City. There is a bigger variety of couples with different race, sex, age and background than in any places I have been or traveled before.

On the subway trains I was observing all kinds of spouses, their relationships… In spite of their differences, they seem to love, quarrel, feel or take care of each other the same way as the couples I was used to seeing from my childhood.

Exactly in NYC I decided to summarize and illustrate several types of married couples to give everybody an opportunity to see and enjoy this interesting diversity. I have created eight illustrations, which do not represent the whole list, but the project will be continued soon and more spouses will be added.

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1. Newlyweds

2. Still in Love

3. In Love

4. Men

5. Tall woman + Short man; elderly couple

6. Women

7. Quarrelsome and/or Mute

8. Polygamy