This is the second installment of my documentation of the amazing, bizarre, and funny motorbikes in Hanoi, Vietnam. After six months of living here, I saw even more extreme bikers and funnier situations in the street.

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Aside from a proof of the ingenuity of Vietnamese people, these bikes made me realize things (aside from the lesson that “in life we should put our burdens behind us” which I mentioned in my previous post). Like a Zen-in-the-street philosophy, these bikes teach us an important key to go on with our life ─ balance. If we know how to balance our loads (relationships, career, passions, among others), we can continue with our life's journey.

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#1 Paper Horses In Preparation For The Tet Holiday

Paper Horses In Preparation For The Tet Holiday


HemakA 1 month ago

Not enough, when they transported glasses, their motor tilted 45 degrees :D