This all started as a distraction from a difficult time in my life. It began as the transformation of too many ugly things into constructive energies to do some refreshing graphics to distract the brain (and of course it worked). My partner in crime decided to show it on Bored Panda and it was a surprising and a very educational experience that spread rapidly to other sites. It wasn't long before the inky style for Tales from the Litter Box defined itself and now it is a solid project with the strange, honest humor of my freehanded drawings.

This is a selection for Bored Panda, and on Facebook you can find more than a hundred arts, free paper toys and even participate in contests to win a portrait of your pets!

The BEST support artists can get is a like and share. It’s free, it’s honest and it can easily transform a hobby into a long term project. We also grow and get smarter with your comments and interventions, so please do!

Thank you, love you, tons of gratitud for all the great critics and ideas from last (and future) time and please, enjoy!

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I Draw My Daily Life With 3 Cats And A Dog And Everyone Can Relate (+40 New Inks!)


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