We had a second baby boy. Before, when I had a free moment, the last thing I wanted to do was draw. Now my creative juices are flowing again, and I put some ideas onto paper. I hope you enjoy these drawings and can relate to some of these parenting moments.

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The floor is old and creaky where little brother sleeps. Since he has become more alert the past couple months, I’ve resorted to the above while escaping or generally travelling across the room.

Many of big brother’s quotable gems have to do with the human body. Case in point. I wonder what sorts of silly things little bro will say at this age?

Christmas is coming. That means lots of toy flyers in the mail. Big brother is at that age where he is referencing people and things he already knows – he is probably thinking of Mr. Porter from Paw Patrol.

We try to read a lot to big brother. The questions and conversations that ensue while reading are pretty amusing. Must be nice to be a bright eyed innocent three year old!

When big brother was two years old, he used to intrude on our bathroom visits and so we taught him the concept of privacy. Needless to say, the lesson stuck and now he gives us back a dose of our own medicine.

Little brother is a curious bean. So it’s no surprise when he cranes his neck to turn to the TV when Youtube is blaring while breastfeeding. It’s a good thing those babies are flexible!

It’s not only pinching of the cheeks, of course. There is also shaking of the legs, wiggling of the arms, patting of the chest, all coupled with repetitive squealing sounds.

Basically how ever hyper and rambunctious big brother may be acting towards him, little brother always has googly eyes for him. Very cute to see their dynamic right now and how it will pan out as little bro gets more and more mobile and “chatty”.

For the past few weeks, little bro has been making this chewy face. Not quite sure what it is all about (maybe he is chewing his tongue to emulate us eating food because he wants to be in on the action) but it is cute af.

I couldn’t help myself when I caught a glimpse of little brother and his funny mop of hair during tummy time.