I started a new series of paintings where the objects I saved from my childhood home would be the hero. These things meant a lot to me growing up, and they all have a story to tell. By painting them, I tried to give them a second life.

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Although a bit damaged, she is still almost complete, and has a bottom half too

She was standing in front of a window and scared a lot of nosy people looking in

I loved those toys, we had dogs, and they loved those squeaking toys even more

I saved a few, and have a whole collection of new ones now…

My first teddy, the one on the bottom was mine

He still has a spot in my bedroom

A birdcage where we kept 2 small birds for a short time

A porcelain decorative egg we never ever could touch back then… :)

Handmade holy water font, origins are unclear, but it’s quite possible my grandfather made it

My great-great grandmother’s silk baptisms dress

A 3 faced (creepy) porcelain doll my mother gave me when I was 7 ot 8. I never played with dolls, it was meant as a decorative element in my room.

Creepy doll, she gave me nightmares…

She’s in a closed box right now…

A silver bottle stopper

The crystal wine decanter broke years ago