About a year and a half ago I found a three months old little German Shepard in a plastic bag, barely breathing.

I was on my way to the cemetery for the Day of the Dead celebration (Dias De Los Muertos) and I noticed a bag on the side of the road moving and crying. I immediately went to it and to my surprise, there was this little puppy in it. Shocked and horrified by somebody’s gesture to put her in there my immediate instinct was to take her with me. I was accompanied by my grandma who just gave me a dirty look and said that we cannot take her as we don’t need any dog. I was so upset as I knew that fighting with grandma was futile, but I didn’t want to leave her there also.

In any case, I took her out and silently whispered to her to come to find me because I really need a beautiful dog in my life. Not so long ago, I had lost a wonderful dog called Maimu due to cancer.

I was really attached to her as she was a little bundle of light and joy in my life. I have found her also abandoned when she was a very small puppy, probably around 3-4 weeks old.

Anyway, at that moment we went on our way. After the celebration was over, we took another way back because my grandma knew that I wanted to bring this dog home and she really didn’t want her. We were living about 30 minutes away from that cemetery. 

Pretty upset I went home quietly thinking on how I will go back and take her with me. But long behold she was waiting for me in the corner of the house, wiggling her tail in all directions and smiling like there was no tomorrow. 

My whole face immediately lit up and I took her in my arms. From that moment on, we’re exploring the forests around my home and having a blast together. We are best friends and she never leaves my side. As you can see in these pictures, there’s nothing she loves better than snow. 

I like to think of her as my present from Maimu!

Wolfie looking all majestic and such

Just happy

Fixing the horizon


Looking guilty

Again sniffing… I think it’s her hobby

Looking majestic again

Biting her tail is definitely one of her top 3 activities

Keep walking

Close up


Say what?

And here is the beautiful Maimu

Little Maimu running

Our last sunset together…