Do you sometimes wonder where photographers find all the beautiful locations? I usually shoot in my neighborhood, like in this front yard, which looks very dreary at first glance. Okay, also on the second and third glance… but not for a photographer. This front yard with the dead flowers is pure gold.

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No matter where I am, I see photo locations. They are everywhere. When I see such a garden, I already think about how the photo might look, choose in mind a matching dress and look for a model.

My model that day was Saskia Wilken. I chose a dress that has nearly the same color as the flowers.

When I photograph in gardens or on house walls, I ask the inhabitants. It is important to me that I can take relaxed pictures without fear that someone will interrupt me or get angry. So far, almost everyone has agreed. Only once a crazy cat lady think I was a cat thief and yelled at me after my question. She had a very nice ivy-covered house – too bad. But asking beforehand was better than having the woman yell at my model later.

If you do not like ringing on other doors, then you will also find such beautiful places on the roadside or in public parks. Do you find this way boring?…

… Then you are wrong. The ivy on the fence is a good location.

Here you see a rhododendron bush in the small park around the corner. Next to a bench and a trashcan.

Model: Rova_Design

Model: Saskia Wilken

Even a unmown lawn can be beautiful.

Model: Regina

Or just a wet street… No matter where I am, I see photo locations. They are everywhere.

Model: Catalina Koe