Hi! I am Catalina, a visual artist who LOVES abstracting people and sees colors everywhere.

My most recent solo show, LUDO (lat. “play”), is now on view in STURM UND DRANG GALERIE, in Austria.

I have received such a positive feedback on this colorful ludic series from so many people and because I am fascinated with faces and I analyze facial features since I can remember, I have created “Ludo Profile”.

For me, painting is playing. I have discovered this through my son and his evolution from a nursing baby to a toddler. He inspired LUDO project and he continues to inspire me in life in everything I do. He does it on two aspects: physically, by having my house full of colorful toys and seeing colors wherever I step, and emotionally, by being filled with such love and joy that I receive from him, which somehow, on an emotional level, translates into colors too. I just cannot look at the world the same way as before his arrival. Therefore, for this new project, I decided to stick with the name “Ludo”, that means “play” in Latin, because it is authentic, represents my reality as it is, and is something that totally defines my work.

This new project’s purpose is to abstract as many profile portraits as possible in order to show and emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of each and every one of us. Looking at somebody in a perfect profile angle you will notice an outline made of unique angles, distances and proportions, parameters who makes somebody recognizible out of a million other identities. This is much easier to see when you let the details go and focus on the overall shape.

In “Ludo Profile” I am using the flat form to emphasize this uniqueness inside all of us and the color to show emotions, to depict the spirit and the personality of the individual.

Please check the LUDO PROFILE campaign on kickstarter and spread the word to your friends. If you want to support this project, please know that even the smallest pledge helps a lot making the project more visible.

Thank you for your support and interest!

More info: kickstarter.com

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