While observing that the souvenirs available in Lisbon shops were rather traditional and lacking in modernity, I decided to create my own vision on the subject, bringing colour and life to the usual Portuguese icons, through original paintings.

The patterns I use are inspired by the joy and nature from Brazil, the delicate flowers from Japan, bold colours from Africa, among other traditional art from around the world. In a way, bringing back to a famous Portuguese icon inspiration from countries that have played an important role in Portuguese history.

I work mostly with acrylic on paper to create my vision of the traditional sardines, roosters or Lisbon trams; and have recently started to use my patterns to colour in icons of other European cities, like the Eiffel tower in Paris, or the London double decker.

It is an ongoing project: the purpose is to make my own intervention on as much famous icons in the world as possible.

More info: lisgoncalves.tictail.com

Eiffel Tower

Portuguese Rooster

Dutch Windmill

Portuguese Swallows

London Double Decker

Le Chat Noir

Portuguese Sardines

Lisbon Tram

Lisbon Crow

British Phone Box