I am 16 years old, I do sketching using pencil and charcoal. I started drawing when I was 4, drawing was something which I found an integral part of me. Expressing your thoughts on nothing but a white paper with a pencil fascinates me. It makes you vulnerable to convey your vision and ideas make an impact.

Capturing all of those expressions, values and influence is something which I consider a true art and the foremost thing to learn.

Scroll down to see my sketches! I hope you like them!

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#1 A pencil sketch of Ed Sheeran

I drew this Sketch on A4 using graphite and charcoal in August, 2017.

#2 Here’s a comparison with actual picture

#3 Here’s a comparison of Actual picture and my sketch of Adele

I drew this in January, 2017 using charcoal and graphite on A4.

#4 A sketch of Walter White from Breaking Bad

I drew this on A4 using charcoal and graphite.

#5 A creative Self Portrait

I drew this in September, 2017. For more details regarding this particular project: https://goo.gl/8e7XYk

A comparison of actual picture and my drawing of Captain America

I drew this on A3 using charcoal and graphite.

#6 Pencil sketch of Rachel McAdams

I drew this on Arpil 2018.