I drew these and i am 14. I wanted to share these so you can give me input on how i can improve my artistic skills. Comment Below with tips and pointers.. don’t be scared to give me criticism and be as harsh as you like

Love Birds

Two Birds sitting on a branch

Native American Pendant

Drawn to honor Native Americans that use to live Across America

The Little Guy

The Little Guy fights back against the oppressing Cobra

Light And Dark

Mysterious and Was made from Messing around, sometime the best works are accidental

Side walk Chalk Peacock

Limited Color choices made the work simple


Painted from acrylic paint


Acrylic paint

Water Color Fish

Water Color Pencil


One of my Favorite cartoons


Not very good at drawing expressions


In MemoryMy dog that passed away, in my heart she is held dearly


Sing Warbler at the top of it’s lungs

Gold Finch

Beautiful finches that to me means summer is here


Graceful swan moving through a rippling lake

Peace Tree

Eternal peace to anyone who eats it’s fruit

Blue Fish

What the title says


Early work


Early Work

Blue Whale

Early work

Black Panther

Early work

Barred Owl

Early Work

Lord’s warrior

Early Work