There comes a time to all of us when we are all tied up to a place and can do nothing but go with the flow. It may be due to circumstances or incidents that leads us to such idle phase in our life. We think about pulling ourselves up trying to change the scenario and coming up with a solution, only to fail and make it worse. There comes our friends anxiety, insecurities, depression, hopelessness, overthinking and all other drama buddies.

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I can go nowhere other than my room and my home. So, I started to draw simple comics that were sometimes relatable to others and sometimes funny. I did this to vent out my feelings just like how we used to write letters or call someone and talk about it, but this time I had other plans to spill'em out and shared it social media.

Later people started relating and appreciating my comics. Such responses increased my dopamine and serotonins. Then I started doing it on a regular basis. Rather than being afraid of those insecurities, now I only see them as everyday ideas.

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