I wanted to make it easier to give my cat butts as gifts to the cat ladies and cat men out there. I designed these art cards to go with them. They are each hand lettered and drawn with pen and colored pencil. Each original art card is completely one of a kind. It makes shopping for cat lovers simple!

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#1. Merry Christmas

Nothing says I love cats like a festive cat butt to help decorate the Christmas tree, given with a cute little art card.

2. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Just need to give this cat butt as a gift and keep it simple? This art card has you covered. The holidays and a cat butt… all in a little box.

3. Christmas Birthday

Nothing says happy birthday like having all of your birthday present combined with you Christmas present. This would be a great little cat-themed gift to give to the birthday gal or guy in addition to their Christmas presents. They’ll appreciate you forever.