Halloween is supposed to be the scariest day of the year. However, I find it strangely calming. I think this is because everyday life tends freak me out on a regular basis and, at least at Halloween, I have legitimate reason to feel this way. Creatures such as ghosts, vampires, werewolves and witches are specifically designed to induce a sense of fear and anxiety and it is acceptable to be afraid of them. It is less acceptable to be afraid of receiving a phone call from an unknown user ID. To celebrate Halloween, here are nine everyday things that scare me more than any ghost, vampire, werewolf or witch ever could.

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1. Dealing With Finances

2. Public Speaking

3. Texting Your Crush (Part 1)

4. Texting Your Crush (Part 2)

5. Commitment

6. The Future

7. The Future of the Planet

8. The News

9. Monday Mornings