Hello, hello once again. I’m Eggylicky (obviously) and this is my fourth – if I am not mistaken – entry of women in watercolour. I am always inspired by galaxies and women, so I truly hope you like this batch.

All the drawings are done traditionally (watercolour and ink) and then I digitally edit them. (In case any of you were wondering, but you so probably weren’t.)

I would like to thank all of you for the support you have shown me the past few weeks. It means so much to me and you are one of the main reasons I keep doing what I do. Enjoy.

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Unique Head of Dreams

The Venus of Innocence

The Sphere of Dreams

The Formation of Fear

Hardly Visible Act with Vanishing Dream

Conversation with Blue Hope

Secret Creation of Sorrow

Demoralized Spirit

Tremulous Mind

Juxtaposed Redhead