Hi! I am a nerdy labrat with two derpy chinchillas. I've been drawing ever since I can remember, although I never wanted to do it professionally. I consider drawing as a hobby, a way to relax and have fun.

A long time ago I wondered, whether to study fine arts or not. I decided, however, that I'll do something else. I've always dreamed of becoming a scientist. Molecular biology is my passion and the biggest adventure in which I take part. I devoted myself completely to it and I'm on my way to get a degree and research, research and... research. I'm interested in protists (especially euglenids). I can talk about unicellular algae for hours. And hours. And hours. Just hold my beer.

Everyday life in the lab provides many topics for drawings. Some of them are serious, some hillarious, finally some of them are stupid (it would be extremely boring to act smart all the time). When it's getting hard, drawing provides me a relief and an opportunity to express my wicked (awkward?) sense of humor.

I have been publishing pictures on the web for some time Mostly in Polish, as it's my native language. I've recently started making more comics in English. Hope you'll like my doodles.

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#1 Biochemian Labsody

Biochemian Labsody


#2 Family Support

Family Support


#3 Sweltering Heat

Sweltering Heat


#4 Tv Series

Tv Series


#5 Fortune-Telling



#6 Short Comic About Procrastination

Short Comic About Procrastination


#7 A Hobbit's Life For Me

A Hobbit's Life For Me


#8 50 Shades Of Bacteria

50 Shades Of Bacteria


#9 The Lord Of The Pipettes

The Lord Of The Pipettes


#10 Looking For A Post-Doc

Looking For A Post-Doc