I created a collection of silly creatures, because I wanted to capture the ones who often get overlooked: the worriers, the introverts, the outsiders, the misfits and sensitive souls.

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My ink drawings are a reminder that it’s ok to be different. Instead of hiding our eccentricity, we should celebrate it. Being different makes you unique and beautiful. Be silly!

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#4 Is It Spring Yet?

Is It Spring Yet?


Laura Hendrikson 7 months ago

Me, too, Bruce!

#5 'tis The Season

'tis The Season


Kristin Anderson 7 months ago

This is ancommon dilemma!

#7 All Of Me

All Of Me


Mats Ingelström 7 months ago

She fits like all of us.

#8 Happy Up Here

Happy Up Here


C S 7 months ago

I love Brett!