I’ve always had a passion for both art and animals, and I started drawing dogs when I was just a toddler. When I started walking dogs at one of my local animal shelters, Stray Rescue of St. Louis, I immediately fell in love with so many of the adorable pups there. I began drawing portraits of some of my most beloved dogs, partly just for fun and partly as a way to remember the ones who have moved on to their forever homes.

After spending so much time at the shelter, I also realized just how much donations can change and save lives. I’ve seen countless dogs come to the shelter terrified, starving, and far too often with life-threatening injuries, but I’ve also seen first-hand the remarkable transformations that occur thanks to the love, care, and donations that keep the shelter going.

Wanting to give back more to help these shelter animals, I started Artwork For Animals, a business that also helps less fortunate animals.

I draw commissioned portraits of people’s pets, and then donate a portion of the proceeds back to animal shelters, animal rescue organizations, and animal welfare foundations across the country. These portraits give pet owners a way to remember their beloved four-legged friends forever, and they also give animal shelters the donations they need to continue saving lives.

It may be a small step towards helping homeless animals find families, but I’ve personally seen that even the smallest donations can make life-saving differences.

More info: artworkforanimals.net

Reindeer – How can anyone resist this adorable face? This sweetheart is one of my current loves, and she’s also waiting for someone to love her as much as I do

Sitter – This gorgeous girl is another favorite of mine, and she’s available for adoption at Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Arwen – She was one of my first loves at the shelter, and she’s already found a home!

Melon – This handsome guy gives world-famous kisses, and he’s also still waiting for his forever family to find him at Stray Rescue

Humboldt – This good-looking guy is a true testament of what a difference a little love makes. While he used to be extremely nervous and sad, he’s made an incredible recovery and is now a volunteer favorite. And he’s ready for a home, too!

Lightning McQueen – This handsome stud has also made quite a remarkable transformation, and he’s also waiting for his forever family to find him!