I’m not a professional artist, but I keep an Instagram account of a little character that I made while living in Korea. She was created about three years ago when I believed that I fell in love with someone (gross), but she grew stronger and more complicated when I was brutally rejected and ended up heartbroken. Good times. So she’s only three years old, but I’ve been living in Korea for the last five years straight. As a Korean adoptee, it’s an understatement to say that this portion of my life has been somewhat fraught with struggle and glass cases of emotion. But the last five years has also been the greatest experience of my entire existence, since I was reunited with my Korean family and built a life here literally from nothing (only a college degree and 200USD when I first arrived, kind of counts as nothing lol)

This little nugget seems to help me work through a lot of tough times, and a lot of the things that are tough for me seem to be adoption-related or old emotions coming from my childhood, so I hope someone or others will see my drawings of her and find some comfort in them, or that you’ll just be able to be reassured that you’re not all alone, because I feel that a lot, and then I make these drawings, and… I just hope that they’ll help others, because they help me a lot.

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