Hi, I’m Monica from Basque Country, Spain, and I draw mandalas as a therapy.

Painting and drawing had been the only constant in my life, until I started to feel depressed and with anxiety. I stop doing everything I liked and it took me time to realize what was happening.

When I discover the world of mandalas I feel something peaceful and I start drawing them, I start teaching myself how to draw or to paint, I started to discipline myself again (thing I’ve never been good at). I always drew fast, and not very clean. I always stopped when I did not know how to continue or when I thought I was drawing something ugly and insignificant.

My mandalas mean that I broke the barriers I had in my mind. Mean that I can’t stop drawing if is not finished, because only then I can progress.

Some of them took a few hours to finish and others weeks, but while I draw I feel better than ever, and when I finish them I feel that progress that I’ve never felt. It’s peaceful, relaxing and I love it.

If you want to follow my drawings you can find me on Instagram and Etsy as ‘Monsferatu’. Thank you so much for passing by.

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I also make prints