Probably every couple has those weird “love names” they give each other. Well, nice to meet you, we are the Porky and the Caribou. We won’t go in details how we ended up being these two creatures, but need to mention that Caribou is from Canada and Porky is from Uzbekistan, we met a few years ago in China, where we are based at the moment.

That said, it’s sort of metaphorical in a way hoho – maybe it’s wrong for Caribous to fall in love with Porkies, but … that’s what they do sometimes.

We would love to share this tiny love story, just to remind you that love has no borders, it knows no labels.

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Made in China

We went exploring new places and people. We fell in love with travelling and each other

It took us a few breakups to realize that we’d better just stick together

Until one day our big families met… To make it happen we all had to fly from 5 different countries!

And then … Did you know that a gentleman penguin proposes to his lady by giving her a pebble?

And that they mate for lifetime if she accepts it? Well, i did!

Not easy, but we managed to get married in China!

(Oh and sorry, only people who have been to marriage registration offices in China will get this picture hoho)

We got a tiny sweet place in a very local area of Beijing, with a lovely rooftop

We made friends with neighborhood cats and pigeons.

We grow love in our little rooftop garden

The seeds have just sprouted. We learnt that they are very fragile. It requires certain patience and care to grow love, you know…

Porky loves Caribou so very much. Like THIS much!

Ahhh, the future promises to be just super exciting