Hi, I am Akshaya Ramamurthy, an Architect based in India. Usually fond of Art and design. Am very much keen in making portraits of my closed ones and gifting them. Drawing faces have been a very happy thing for me. Whenever I get time, I would grab a paper and start drawing faces. And also, every teeny tiny products would make me go aww. At times, i would make some DIY’ed gifts to my dear and near ones.

It was just another normal day when i suddenly came across an old antique clock, i felt like it was sitting there with a sleepy eye. I found that funny and shared it with my friend. But he couldn’t understand what i was talking about, so i gave him a quick doodle of what i saw on the pic. He then understood and we laughed at it.

It was then i thought, mmm why don’t i doodle my own imaginary faces that i see in all the pretty things around me. Just then i started doodling on photos of the objects.

I Named it FACE’ing things and I have been constantly doodling ever since. And am very happy about it. Here are a few of the doodled faces for you all.


Tea (cup)les
Certain impressions left by the (cup)les lasts longer.


Passport size photo of an endangered thing.


When Marvin the Martian is found in a armed soldier costume.


Found DORY !


She was a true dream catcher ❤️


I was said Super Heroes can be found anywhere. May be they are true


The winners of the tournament. Though they look rough, they seem happy.


Hello from the other side 👋🏼


Pen is mightier than a sword. Okay then what about the ink ?
Well he is a HERO.


Okay little less noise for us please.


You could spot the rain-deer any moment During Christmas. Stay awake !


No wonder, this could be our marbles at the night time. Indian Toy Stories.


May be this is what a basketball would think !


Okay, i feel you buddy peanut.


And the kitty party begins


When a spicy container feels spices more spicier than ever.


Well yes, the pic says it all.


Can we help the little guy there ?