Becoming a father to two little boys has made me more proud then I could ever explain, so you can understand my excitement when I found out I was going to have a little girl!

My wife had encouraged me to start taking photos of our boys which caused me to become obsessed with photography. I mostly shoot outdoors and use natural light for my photos.

I don’t normally do studio work but when I found out I had a little girl on the way I decided I was going to figure out how to do her newborn photos.

She came on the 18th of December so taking any of her photos outside was out of the question.

So first I tried setting up a backdrop in my cramped studio and did some photos in there. My lighting was way off but I learned a lot of things.

I tried again but this time I build a posing table with PVC pipes and I used a bed sheet for a backdrop and swaddled her with one of my wifes wraps. I used mostly natural light from a window and bounced a flash off of the ceiling for some filler light. I used a 35mm lens on my Sony camera.

There’s still a lot I need to learn, but overall I’m really happy with the memories I have captured of our sweet little girl!

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More info:

Very winkled backdrop in my tiny studio. I laid a pillow down for her to lay on and set up a cheap soft box studio light for my lighting

These are some macros I did of her little features

After doing some research I took a different approach

I built a posing table out of PVC pipes and clamped a bed sheet to it for a backdrop and used my wife’s wrap (which was a mile long) to swaddle her. Also I used natural light this time. The studio light worked ok but it was way too dark. Here I’m using the natural light coming through the window and bouncing my flash off of the ceiling for some filler light.

The boys love their baby sister!