I was a little bored today, and I have been thinking what to do. I got some Lego figures, and I had an idea. 

So I placed them in different situations in my garden, and took photos of them. At the end, I put the photographs in order, and I created a little story. Starring Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo, and the evil Snail Orc: (btw, no snails were harmed during the production).

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Look, Frodo, we have to head that way!

Come on, grab my hand! We have to meet Gandalf!

A bit more, Frodo, I can almost reach your hand!

Gandalf, slow down, the little hobbit can`t keep up!

Here I am, let`s do this!

Gandalf! Legolas! I can see the Misty Mountain!

Hurry up! We have to reach the top before the sun sets!

Grab my walking stick, Frodo, don`t fall!

It`s a giant Snail Orc, heeeeeeeeelp!!!!

Gandaaaaaaaaalf, heeeeeelp!!!!

AAAAAAAAAH, it`s coming for me, do something Gandalf!

Let`s do some magic, to get rid of this evil Snail Orc!!!

Come on, Mr Frodo, keep up!

Hm, I can see more Snail Orcs, we have to hide!

Go Legolas! We have to climb this! There are more Snail Orcs!

OOOOOH Noooooo, Frodoooooo! ……..TO BE CONTINUED……