I am an Artist from Germany and I create these Beauty´s in my little Workshop in Berlin. I am a skilled carpenter as well as a skilled 2d Animator and worked the last 13 Years in different Game Companys. At one Point, I decided to do something new on my own and something I could put all my skills in.

I love the Nature and I love to go into the Forest to collect eatable Mushrooms. It dosesn’t took that long for the idea to create some glowing Mushrooms! I started to research about Electronics, LED Technologies and Tools I would need to get the Picture in my Mind into Reality. After one Year of experimenting, I finally got the proper Workflow running.

And still, I am learning with each Lamp new Things and get new Ideas. After a few Month, I got the Idea to work not only with Mushrooms but also with Mountain Crystals.

These Lamps are my Expression for the Love of Nature and are created with a lot of Love and Passion.

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Making of: Natural Mushroom Lamp