The environments that I designed for my current exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington are an invitation to immerse ourselves in the sensory richness of imagery. Paintings are exhibited on large-scale versions of themselves and protrude into our own three-dimensional space, allowing us to participate directly in the surrealistic narrative.

In the installation, ‘Who Left the Kettle On’, viewers are invited to “take a ride” in a three-dimensional teacup and participate in both the artwork’s playfulness and horror. The teacup ride is often simultaneously exhilarating and sickening, not unlike these opposing feelings that we experience when trying to navigate through many aspects of our lives.

More info:

Who Left the Kettle On? Bellevue Arts Museum

This interactive installation includes oil painting, custom wall covering, and a fiberglass tea cup with saucer.

Finishing Touches, Bellevue Arts Museum

This installation includes oil painting, custom wall covering and mixed media sculpture.

The nest is crafted from cutlery and the rug is made from moss and hand-painted wooden mushrooms.

The stump with fire is made from paper mache, wood, paper, paint, and fabric.

Asylum, Bellevue Arts Museum

Imagery from the paintings, Cathedral I and Cathedral II, were recreated in this installation so the viewer feels as if they are walking into the paintings.

Faux wood paneling wall covering, oil paintings, wood, clay, paper mache, fabric, linoleum tile.

Fabric, linoleum tile, paint.

Wagon, gold leaf, clay, fabric, linoleum tile, paint.

Graffiti room, Bellevue Arts Museum

Recycled tin cans, wire, paper mache, string.

Recycled tin cans, wire, paper mache, string.