I have a tiny studio in my backyard of central Massachusetts were my little striped cat, and I create one of a kind jewelry pieces in the hopes of helping animals in need.

I created this recycled sterling silver pendant to resemble Max the piglet with his stuffed puppy friend after falling in love with his story. A couple was driving down the road and saw Max, the tiny piglet, fall off of the back of a livestock truck heading to a slaughterhouse. Thankfully, and kindly, they picked him up off of the busy road and found Todd of Arthur’s Acres in New York and asked if he would help heal him and give him a forever place to be safe. There was no question at all that Todd would give this to Max. This is what Todd does. He has opened his home to so many pigs (and other animals!) in need of safety, vet treatments, and love.

I created this pendant so that I could donate money to Todd and the animals in his care because he does the work so many of us cannot do. He helps those without a voice and gives them the lives that they deserve. The best part about my job is that I am able to help in a small way to contribute to animals being safe and feeling loved.

More info: stripedcatmetalworks.com | Facebook

Max the piglet with his stuffed puppy friend

Recycled sterling silver pendant carved as an ode to Max

A close up of his little sleep face

A little piece that says so much!