I am a self-taught artist and I use a hot metal tool to create realistic woodburnings. Also known as pyrography or “writing with fire”, I burn images onto a piece of wood by hand. I use a simple craft woodburning kit that’s available at most craft stores.

Oftentimes, I’ll burn the subject over and over, countless times to build up the deep, rich tones within the wood. The large, black backgrounds are also burned and take many hours to complete. Colors are often applied after the burning is finished. I love using colored pencils for subtle color, and acrylic paint gives the burning a more vivid color. Each burning takes between 8 and 40 hours to burn, depending on the size.

In addition to creating art, I also love teaching and sharing my love for woodburning with others. I give tips and ideas for other artists through Facebook and I’m also creating several instructional DVDs as well.

More info: minisapyrography.com | Facebook

Woodburning of an owl in flight

Woodburning of a train

Original image credits: Matthew Malkiewicz

Woodburning a portrait, step-by-step

Woodburning of a standing grizzly bear

Woodburning of a bison from Yellowstone National Park

Woodburning of cowboy boots, hat and postcard at the Glenwood Hot Springs

Woodburning with acrylic paint

Woodburning of a yellow rose using colored pencils over burning