I realized to truly attack this idiotic fear of fashion prints, one must create fashion prints. And boy, was it fun! If only all fears could be as enjoyable. :-)

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Continuing on my journey of fashion print self-discovery, here are 10 more designs of prints I came up with! (No. 12-21)

I used gouache paint on watercolor paper (5.5x8) to create these little lovelies.

Be sure to check out part 1 (No. 1-11) of this series and stay tuned for part 3! Which are your favorites from this series and why?

My two favorites are no.12 (Pastel Flecks) because the little miss match of pastel coloring reminds me of candy. Then no.21 (Green Fish Scales), the repeating scale pattern in a green on white pattern feels fresh.

More info: redmothart.com