Being a parent, crafter and photographers seems an ideal combination if you dream of creating unforgettable images of your children. Even more, when you can enjoy and take advantage of all the inspiration around you – the result must be a success. Of course, you may need a cooperative child, photo gear of decent quality, a room full of fabric and trimmings, but this is not a MUST.

You can picture everything that pops into your mind even though your model is your five-year-old daughter, who has her own idea of the session and has just come up with a new funny face and won’t continue until you show her the face on a screen of the camera. The camera doesn’t necessary need to be one of the most expensive ones – it may as well be the “antique” 6-year-old full frame DSLR bought from your friend. And the sewing room? The drawer under your bed must be big enough to gather the supplies for your next project.

My daughter is the best model I can imagine. I love working with my son as well. However, he doesn’t like dress-ups much so you’ll rarely see him in inspired pics (hope it’ll change soon).

There are more projects being prepared now, waiting for an ideal location, weather or mood. Hope you’ll enjoy the ones we’ve completed so far.

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