Most of my images are self portraits that portray a quiet celebration of loneliness. I often feel disconnected from society and I believe that gives me a sense of freedom and inner acceptance that I would not be able to find if I looked to my community. The outer world appears to have a strong preference for extroversion. I spent many years attempting to blend in. During that time I suffered from anxiety and depression. Since then I have embraced my true nature and given myself the space I longed for. I have found that I am a happier more content person because of it. In a world that boasts connection and talking to others as the cure for mental illness spending time alone was the first step for me. By providing myself with that time to reflect upon who I was I found the direction I wanted to go with my photography, among other insights about myself. I greatly value my solitude, it goes hand in hand with my creativity. While my outer life may seem simple I enjoy a rich inner world.

My images are just a peek into the solitary utopia I have built for myself.

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