For years I’ve been an artist of many different mediums, always excited to try an art form that’s new to me. One year, during winter, I was working in a central glass office inside of a larger office building. The person who had been in the position before me had created hand-cut snowflakes to hang in the glass windows around our office. Others who worked there kept walking into our office just to ask how we made them, but that employee wasn’t there anymore, so I decided to figure it out myself in order to teach them. I started with regular copy paper and scissors, and began cutting themes into them, such as squirrels, pirates, and dogs.

I began to wonder if I could get better detail out of my snowflakes if I used a thinner paper, and cut using an Xacto knife rather than scissors. Having been a glass etching artist for years prior, I already had a great deal of practice with Xacto knives, so all I needed to do was find paper that was the right thickness. I picked up some tracing paper at a local craft store, and it worked perfectly! Soon I was able to create some tiny silhouettes and add incredible detail in each snowflake. That started me on working with pop culture themes, and I was even asked by Disney to create some Frozen snowflakes for their Oh My Disney blog!

I spend most of my time now thinking up new designs, and working on ways to 3D print some of the ones I’ve already made. I’ve also uploaded a few designs to Shapeways to have 3D printed as holiday ornaments!

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Harry Potter Snowflake

Nightmare Before Christmas Snowflake


I Love Lucy Snowflake

Star Wars Snowflake

Super Mario Brothers Snowflake

Easter Snowflake

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Snowflake

The Munsters Snowflake

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Resistance Snowflake


3D Printed Star Wars Snowflake

3D Printed Nightmare Snowflake