I make wool slippers using mostly organic European sheep breed wool and felt it hard for hours. A part of my felt slippers I hand dye on my stove. Love the moment then I see the color for the first time. And finally I finish it by coating with transparent rubber and glitter. It takes about two days to make a pair of slippers properly.

The most joyful part of all it is that finally after years of trying I call it my job! I love so much to the thing I love and want inspire everyone even to try whatever you like to do.

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For Mother and Daughter

For Tiny Baby Girl

For Fashionista Toddler

For Dreamy Women Age from 1 to 99 Years

For Dreamy Girl

For Stylish Baby

Even For Me

For Someone Who Love Pink but not Really

For Cute Little Girl Whose Mother is not Glitter Lover

For Someone Who Love Pastel Shades (I Love)

For All Who Want to Know How Much does it Shrink While Felting