I am the creator of fully posable, extremely cute, fantasy sloths. Each one is hand made and made with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face.

I love making them but I absolutely adore people’s reactions to them! Especially when they give them hugs and kisses, which the sloths really enjoy.

Tinglefoot began in 2015 with an innocent request from my boyfriend. “What do you want for christmas?” I asked him. “well, I love sloths!” was his reply.

and thus the first Tinglefoot sloth was born. This misshapen, bright green, needle felted sloth was a far cry from the cute Tinglefoot sloths of today, with their huge eyes and plush fur that makes them just so lovable! But it sparked a fascination with these beautiful creatures, which has helped me to combine both my love of art and animals to create interactive, unique and adorable pieces of huggable art.

There is currently the opportunity for you to win bubblegum the posable sloth over on my Facebook page. Www.facebook.com/tinglefoot this competition will be drawn on the 3Rd of may! Good luck!

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Popcorn the sloth

Snow ball

Bubblegum the posable baby sloth!

Chocolate mint