If you have a sweet tooth like me then I think you’ll like my new creation.

A few months ago I started to sketch ideas of new hair accessories. I wanted to add to my online shop. That’s when I came up with Dessert Headbands. As much as I love the flower crowns I created in the past, I wanted to create something different and more challenging.

After researching food photography I was craving for sweets but I fought the temptation and I started crafting. I plan to release a few designs at a time because I handcraft each one. The time it takes for each one to paint, varnish, and dry is a true labor of love and cravings.

Each item is unique and no two can be recreated exactly the same. I’ll be working hard to release as many delicious designs as I can and to make each headband special. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve created!

More info: Etsy

Pink Iced Donuts with Sprinkles

Pancakes with Butter and Chocolate Chips

Unicorn Donuts with Colorful Icing

Waffles Drizzled with Chocolate Syrup

Sea Donuts with Special Icing and Bubbles

Colorful Iced Donuts with Sprinkles

Classic Pink Donuts with Sprinkles