“Unfreedom” project - a different take on knowing the future and what's making it.

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Most of us like to believe that we control our actions and make our own free will decisions in life. Yet, so many of us are curious to know our future. But isn’t knowing it implies that it's predefined, that there is a future to know, the future that is unavoidable? And while we are so eager to claim control over ours, isn’t it giving this control up when you choose to believe in divination?

And isn’t it the desperate attempt to relief yourself from responsibility of your actions? To find comfort in knowing that it was “meant to be” and we are just small strokes of a big picture that someone else is painting.

We claim to want freedom, but constantly choose comfort over it. A safe place, a known path. We turn to supernatural, higher powers to tell us that it’s ok to live how we live, that it was written in our stars.

But in this everlasting dichotomy, what we overlook is how the reading, the magic and our actions are in fact defying each other.

I’ve chosen one of the most “mysterious” and famous way of divination to portray the mere reflection of life as we ourselves see it and how what we see in a reading is what we want to see, thereby subconsciously making a choice of one path over another.

I have compiled a deck to show how differently or vaguely can anything be interpreted and how even when we try to give up the control, we end up taking it, even without realizing.

For two different people, the reading and interpretation they will hear, like anything else, will be different. Each of us understands and analyses it from our own prism of personality and experience. Simply put, we all hear what we want to hear. And out of a huge prediction, we unknowingly select and remember only those we want to and thus shape our actions how we wanted to anyway.

You can't control your own destiny if the future is knowable, right? But what if you actually always are?

Model - Elyseah Shaikh

Makeup and Hair by Sneha Joramie Rathi.

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