Red noses, a seasonal flu, and blistering fingertips. Winter is guilty of keeping our time outside limited to just fleeting moments of building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other. While children can still enjoy the icy cold air, they tend spend a good amount of time indoors during these icy months.

Last summer I shared with you a selection of images of our family enjoying the wonders of nature. This season we took the camera indoors and collected stories of home. The snow, ice and fresh air can be wonderful, but so can the warmth of being indoors.

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Bathtime Brothers

Forever Friends

Piano Players

Story Time

Radio Flyer

Bank Robbery In Process

Off to School

The Negotiation

The Rancher

Distant Friends

Discussion Between Species

Tiny Engineers

Toy Soldiers


March into the Light

Popcorn Time!

It’s Cold Outside