For some years now agencies asked me for Easter photos of the wild squirrels. Although they were beautiful and original, they never published them. This winter I decided to give it a more creative approach. Red squirrels using props with eggs in it.

Few years ago squirrels started coming to my garden so I build an outside studio from my balcony and started to shoot photos from my kitchen window.

There are few squirrels visiting my studio. It is hard to recognize them in the middle of the winter, for me they all look the same. The only difference is there personality and dominance. One of them sometimes eats out of my hand and lets me approach it when I climb out my kitchen window to change something in the scene or put out new food. I never put a lot of food, just small portions so the squirrels would hopefully come back later once I can clean the scene. I try to keep a distance between them so they stay wild.

I try to bring some magic, wonder and happiness with my work. Pictures are all real, I sometimes remove wires, pins or some food tools just to clean them up and sometimes I have a couple of shots of the same scene, and stack these photos together.

Last time I shared my pictures of squirrels using tiny instruments.

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