We’ve been told that kids are the ones who need to learn; but in my world, they are the ones who can teach us the most valuable lessons.

They indeed have a talent most of us lose as we grow up: being able to experience every little moment to its fullest.
And this is this super ability that I’ve been trying to capture for the past year or so, because with every shot of this series I am reminded that everything can be a cause for celebration, joy, and untainted happiness.

I hope this will help you see the beauty in your everyday surroundings too.

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Your father’s shoulders. Tell me this isn’t the best transportation method ever

Second best transportation method ever

It’s raining? Great, this means I can play with my giant spinning top

In her own bubble. And it’s not a little one

Who needs rollercoasters and carrousels, when all you need is a mom

What are lanyards for if not to pull your family members towards you?

Remember when grocery shopping meant riding the cart like a rollercoaster?

Why would you only walk the streets dressed up for Halloween? Who said we can’t do that on a regular day?

Being able to celebrate small accomplishments, that’s the key to happiness

Again, why can’t I wear my spiderman suit on any saturday?

Has he been watching to many rap music videos?

Any place can be a playground, as long as you’re ready to play

Remember when rain was fun? It meant you’d get to jump in puddles, and get your clothes all wet and dirty

It also meant you’d get to wear your flashy raincoat! Grown ups only wear boring colours

As I said. Second best mode of transportation. And, it’s totally free

Kids also tend to take their responsibilities much more seriously than adults do. Big brother is indeed a much more important job than father

When does it become weird to sit down on the ground and play cards while waiting for the metro?

Or when does it become weird to lie down under whatever you can lie down under?

Soap bubbles. This is what childhood memories are made of. They fly away with the wind and if you try to catch them, they pop right in your hand

Life is a series of big steps we need to take. Might as well start taking them early

Children have another special ability: they see all animals as their friends. Even the pigeons grown ups often disregard as flying pest

So go out now and experience the world as a child! Run, shout, laugh, cry even. Let your inner child out, live every moment to the fullest!