Hello all you Bored Pandas out there!

Here’s a spectacular papercraft animal trophy head inspired by the legendary Trojan Horse.

I made this low poly 3D paper sculpture from a PDF template using parts printed on cardstock with my home printer. For a striking look I printed most of the template on cardstock with a black pearlescent finish but the mane components were printed on copper glitter effect cardstock. Speciality cardstock like this can be sourced from craft stores.

I cut out the parts with scissors, then scored and folded the tabs following the illustrated step by step guide. After that was the really fun part, sticking it together! I used PVA glue for this and it was fascinating to watch it gradually take shape from a pile of funny looking parts to an impressive papercraft art piece.

The whole assembly process from printing to hanging on my wall took a bit under 8 hours and was a nice relaxing project to build over a couple of evenings. At the end I had a stylish modern wall decoration to display in my home. The coloured cardstock really worked for this project, it is hard to believe it’s made from paper!

I’ve built a couple more of these trophy heads using different colour combinations. Since it’s made from a PDF template all you need to do is pick out the parts you want in another colour and load coloured cardstock in your printer for these components.

To give you an idea of how you build a papercraft like this, you can watch a time-lapse view of a Trojan Horse trophy head being assembled from a template printed on white card in the video.

I hope you like this Trojan Horse sculpture, I think anyone could build this project even if they had never tried their hand at papercraft before and get a great result.

More info: Etsy

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