I am an Illustrator and Animator from Kolkata, India. I came up with a photo-doodle series, “Bomb My City” where I made funny and unique doodles of some amazing photographs of my city, clicked by various eminent photographers.

Apart from having a sense of humour, these doodles celebrate whatever the City of Joy has to offer, from the Howrah Bridge, to the Eden Gardens, to the narrow alleys of the North, to the Yellow Taxi! Every Bengali and/ or Kolkatan could relate to these with a smile on their face.

The beauty of my city has been captured perfectly in these photographs and I am grateful to the photographers (Kalanidhi, Marji Lang, Swarat Ghosh, Sankha Suvra, Reuben Lama, Mahesh Balasubramanian, Suvrangshu Ghosh) for being able to use them in my series.

More info: behance.net

When you gotta go, You GOTTA go!

Beware! You wouldn’t like him when he is Hungry

Hot wheels of the City!

Little Love Story

Lyadh (laziness) on a Sunday afternoon

Bangalir Shera Football ! (Bengali’s Favourite sport)

When Superman needs to take off some steam!

When Bat-man comes to town!

The World is a Ratrace !