Some years ago I started to take photos from my kitchen window of wild red squirrels, and do that still. Normally, I get bored after doing something for a few years, but not with animal photography. I still watch these adorable animals almost every day and take photos. They come and they go.

I try to bring some magic, wonder, and happiness with my work, which is real animal pictures and not Photoshop. Only sometimes I take away a wire or some food. I also put out some videos on Youtube.

As of today, the wild animals I’ve captured have been published in about 25 newspapers. Articles about my work have appeared on the internet in about 30 countries. Two books are published, cute squirrel postcards, and a Calendar.

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Light head

Easy way to eat

Kiwi seller

2 squirrels seen as 1

This way

Drinking buddies

The photographer

Keeping warm

Shake dance

New journey

Skull eater


In between

Play with me


Sawing nuts

Cracking nuts

My outside studio