I walk dogs for a living in Norway! It has been my dream for some time to work with dogs and now I am living the dream! I take people’s dogs for long walks in the breathtaking forests of Nittedal, 20 minutes away from Oslo!

It’s so much fun being in nature so many hours a day with these amazing animals, man’s best friends! We play together and explore together and I try to do my best to take some pictures of our adventures! If you like dogs, take a look at some happy ones! :)

Kompis is a happy guy!

Oliver being happy in tall grass

Theo, Frøya and Allan

Flying ears: Fia and Allan

Fia loves flowers


This one is my dog! :)


Frøya, Allan, Mira and Leffe


Band photo of Frøya, Mira, Leffe and Theo

Allan and Frøya sharing a kiss

Happy to be on the top! Charlie, Luna, Lissi and Eddie

Morris with his stick

Oliver watches over the forest!

Team Collie: Cherie and Junior

Leffe looks so happy after a mud-bath