My dog Tubs fell ill in 2011 and I had to take care of her by injecting insulin every 8 hours. This went on for 2 years and restricted my social life so I decided I needed to get a hobby.

I’d always wanted to try painting so I got a canvas and some paints and decided to give it a try to pass the time. It’s hard to explain but the first time I sat down to try I just found I could paint? The responses I’ve had to my paintings has been incredible and I’ve been completely humbled and grateful to everyone that has supported me. My life has been transformed since starting to paint and I’m now working 4 days a week and painting the other 3. I’m hoping to be able to paint full time in the future so I keep pushing myself and trying to improve.

I lost Tubs 2 years ago but I have so much to be thankful to her for, she was my constant companion for 14 years and if it wasn’t for her I would most likely never have picked up a brush in my life. Everything that has happened with the paintings these last couple of years is all thanks to her.

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